What is the aim from my experience? - written on behalf of Nerfscape founder, Luke


“Nerfscape is different…I wanted to create something which was unique, that nobody has done before. Nerf within America is huge! But it never took off here in the UK. What I see is a lot of kids playing with Nerf guns but they don't really have an avenue to play with others. This is what I want to change.


When I was young, I loved nothing more than playing army and battling against my friends in the woods. Times have changed and children don't play outdoors like they used to. So I wanted to create a safe environment where they can have a battle, where they can have a great experience with lights, lasers and smoke machines that they would never see in ordinary life. 


This was my aim; to give children a good healthy experience that is fun and enjoyed by adults of all ages. It's fun, it's healthy, it's enjoyable, it's different. This is the vision”